Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to Homeschool

It's a fine line between family time and learning time. It seems the children are always learning, whether we're sitting around the table with paper and pens, relaxing by a friend's pond, hiking down trails, making healing salves, mixing up household cleaners, cooking dinner, weighing foods at the grocery store & comparing prices, or canoeing a river. But for record keeping sake, we have officially started Back to School.

Matthew, being 4 years old, has started a light routine of "preschool" work. I am trying to teach him letters and numbers. He doesn't naturally care about learning these things, so I sort of have to trick him into learning. He does, however, like playing with play-do, painting, making books, drawing with dry-erase markers, building cities with blocks and making maps of those cities along with stories about the people who live in them, exploring nature, and snuggling with me while looking at books. I have started using to teach him a different letter each week. I am also utilizing the fun printables made by Erica at to go along with our letter of the week.  

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